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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 10, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: but university of maryland astronomer lucy mcfadden says will be hard, even for the professionals who seek out meteorites to sale, listing them on the internet for prices ranging from a few dollars the to a few thousand. as for the big haul, one tells us they're focusing their treasure hunt on a spot 45 minutes north of baltimore, a rural area east of york. >> it's like looking for a need until the haystack. >> in the woods of southeastern pennsylvania, it's going to be tough. but it's worth doing. >> reporter: worth a chance to study space from the comfort of home, thanks to a light show that is now worth its weight in gold. joce sterman, abc 2 news. >> and joce tells us some scientists, including dr. mcfadden herself says it's important to keep an open mind about this event. there is a chance the object was just space debris and not a meteor. stray kitten picked up in delaware and taken to a family gathering in bethany beach infected 17 people with rabies, including five from maryland.
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health officials say they're all being treated. the kitten we're told got sick when the person who found it took it home with them to virginia. doctor says you can't always tell animals have rabies by just looking at them. and we have a scam alert for you involving door to door salesmen trying to sale you alarms. the better business bureau has receiverred a number of complaints from homeowners across the country. they say they were subjected to high pressure sales tactics and felt tricked a into buying expensive alarm systems. several of the complaints have been against companies right here in the maryland area. now for a look at tonight's top stories, a new leaner general motors is making an early exit from bankruptcy protection. its chief executive says gm is gassed up and ready the start making money and working to repay its government loans ahead of schedule. he also announced the automaker will reduce its salaried workforce by 20% this year. aig wants more.
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the company that was once the world's largest insurer wants the federal government to approve bonuses for its executives. the federal government spent $180 billion to bail out that company. aig isn't required to get the government's okay since the payments are for a 2008 employment contract. but sources say executives are reluck about the to hand them out without official approval. and we are less than two weeks into the state's fiscal year, and maryland's projected budget deficit is growing by leaps and bounds. governor o'malley says he is looking for ways to cut $700 million. the shortfall is blamed on declining income tax receipts. the governor says drastic cuts will have to be taken to balance that budget, and nothing he says is off the table, including additional layoffs and extended furloughs. the number of children and families here in maryland affected by autism is growing. so what does the state plan to
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do about it? governor o'malley, as well as other state officials around national experts gathered in baltimore today. they're taking a look at the new statewide approaches to education, health, and employment services for those affected by autism. >> we need to do more on unraveling, figuring out this tragic mystery of autism, what causes it, how can we best identify it. how can we identify it early enough. >> just ten years ago, there were 1600 children with autism being served in maryland's educational system. today that number has grown to 7500. yet another gorgeous day outside today. looking live from the storm center weather net. looking at summit range and mount airy where we had gorgeous weather today. just a few of the cumulus clouds. that means fair weather in the area. 78 degrees right now. high temperature was 81 degrees. we do have some changes coming in the forecast. it all starts tomorrow when a cold front pushes through.
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before tonight, looking really nice out there. we will have temperatures dropping down into the 60s overnight, and then tomorrow warmer weather on the way, and storms in the forecast. i'll have the details on that, coming up. tomorrow nasa plans to launch the space shuttle endeavour for the third time. but the weather may force yet another postponement. forecasters are calling for a 60% chance of thunderstorms in cape canaveral. the mission has already been put off twice. both of last month's delays, though, were caused by hydrogen gas leaks which officials say have since been fixed. seven astronauts are set to deliver and install the final piece of japan's new space station lab. now a story that is getting unbelievably worse. authorities tell us more people are arriving at historic cemetery near chicago where they're finding disturbed grave sites. four cemetery employees are accused of unearthing hundreds of corpses in a scheme to resell burial plots.
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the suspects have been charged with one count of dismembering a human body, which is a felony. family members are outraged, and they're taking action. >> tomorrow morning we're meeting at 9:30 a.m. with a group of lawyers, because some people need some legal organization to prepare for a class action lawsuit, among other things. for double billing or sometimes triple billing. >> about two thousand families have dom the burr oak cemetery trying to determine the status of their loved one buried there. it is also the final resting place of lynching victim emmet till as well as blues singer dinah washington. today president barack obama wraps up his visit to italy by meeting with pope benedict. he welcomed the president to his private library with a handshake. the first lady and president obama presented the pope with the history ill stole which has connections right here to baltimore in an early american
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saint. earlier in the day, his parting words at the close of the g-8 summit focused on global cooperation. >> we're trying to find the right shape that combines the efficiency and capacity for action with inclusiveness, and my expectation is that over the next -- next several years, you'll see an evolution, and we'll be able to find the right combination. >> the president is now headed to africa. he is scheduled to meet ghana's president, visiting a hospital and the cape coast before leaving that country. new details tonight about an amtrak train that crashed with a car. it turns out the driver of that car should not have been behind the wheel. more on his driving record. plus, days after his funeral, there are still questions about what or who caused the death of michael jackson. we've got the latest on the investigation and from jackson's father.
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mixed news on wall street this friday. the dow jones took a huge hit to end the week at 36.65 points down. the nasdaq, though, did get up about 3.48 points. facebook is facing a lawsuit from a small web company., a site that allows users to access several social networks was sued by facebook. the suit came after power subscribers gained access to facebook's site. has reversed the suit now against them, claiming the site does not give its users over control over personal content that they share, something that stated in the facebook general policy. one baltimore company is expanding and bringing a much needed economic stimulus to the area. bravo health inc. has announced it will enlarge its baltimore office bringing in at least 200 more jobs to the city. bravo, which provides medicare advantage health plans is
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calling for a growth of about 30,000 square feet for its current office. mayor sheila dixon has labeled this expansion as a big victory for the city. well, if you're planning on retiring, you may want to choose cambridge. wallet named the algonquin area of came bridge the 7th best neighborhood in the nation to retire in. to get more on the best places to retire, log on to, and check out the story on our slide show. joe jackson is speaking out about his son's death. he speaks exclusively with abc news. more on jackson's death and what joe jackson says about a potential custody battle over his children. and making green while helping the planet. how you can get cash for items you are no longer using.
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it turns out it was a 19- year-old with a suspended driver's license that was behind the wheel when he and four others died after being hit by an amtrak passenger train near detroit yesterday afternoon. investigators say the car skirted a gate at a railroad crossing. records show the driver, dan broughton, had a number of traffic violations, including speeding and disobeying a stop sign. his license was suspended for failure to show a driver's license earlier this year. ♪ the los angeles coroner now says he should have a toxicology report in one week, which would allow him to determine the cause of michael jackson's death. but michael's father has told abc news exclusively about his own dark suspicions. abc news carla wohl has details. >> reporter: los angeles police are waiting for the toxicology reports that determine whether michael jackson's sudden death should be considered a homicide. in an exclusive interview with
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abc 2 news, joe jackson said he has little doubt about what happened. >> i do believe it was foul play, i do believe that. >> reporter: investigators removed powerful painkillers and a said defensive from jackson's home, and the coroner's office has subpoenaed records from a number of doctors who treated him to see if they recklessly prescribed drugs. his habit was not a secret. a source close to the jackson says they tried two interventions in the last four years, and those in his inner circle made attempts as well. >> we all kind of came together, figuring as a group, maybe we could really just sit down with him. >> reporter: jackson reportedly was not receptive. now that he is gone, the focus is on the fate of his three children. in his will, jackson said he wanted his mother katherine to raise them. he had a troubled relationship with his father. still, joe jackson insists the kids belong with both grandparents. >> their grandmother katherine and i, yes.
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there is no one else to do what we can do for them. >> reporter: debbie rowe, the mother of the oldest two children, has not had a hand in raising them. it's unknown whether rowe will fight for custody. that likely will become clearer at a court hearing scheduled for monday. carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is meteorologist emily gracey and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> emily, we have been blessed with some great weather. >> we have. >> i should say thank you! >> i can't really take credit, but you're welcome anyway. we do have gorgeous weather, at least for the rest of tonight and early tomorrow morning. but some storms on the way. we have a stormy weekend to talk about. and a lot of people have outdoor plans. they want to know what is going on. let's take a live look outside right now. we have a game starting in just over an hour. so gorgeous weather, at least for tonight. our temperatures right now are very comfortable, 80 degrees
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from the airport. but the kicker is the humidity, 45%, very comfortable outside. it has been all day today. a light breeze out of the south now bringing in slightly warmer air at 3 miles an hour. all right. we are taking a live look where a lot of people are headed this weekend. rehoboth beach, a gorgeous looking view down there. a lot of people down there enjoying the weather. 67 degrees. quite a bit of a difference there while getting that effect off of the water. it's keeping it a little cooler down by the water. so it feels like 76 as well. and a little bit more breezy too as rehoboth. 18-miles-per-hour wind gusts. comfortable weather down there. we're not seeing any rain, especially not here in baltimore. and not in rehoboth either. the beaches of delaware looking really good. if you are headed to ocean city and other beaches this weekend, you can expect at least dry weather for part of the weekend. we are looking at conditions starting to deteriorate by late saturday night and early sunday morning. a cold front will come through. so get out there early tomorrow morning pause we do have a good start to the day. 80 dress for the afternoon high. by early sunday morning, though, that cold front will be
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pushing in. so we'll expect some warmer, more humid air and some wet weather as well. sunday you can expect some showers and thunderstorms with a high temperature of 82 degrees. so half of the weekend looking pretty good at ocean city. the other half a little bit dicey out there. now here this morn, it was a cool start to the day. 61 degrees in baltimore. not as cool as yesterday. but cooler than where we'll be tomorrow morning. 61 up in york. 66 was the low temperature today in hagerstown. and we felt cool weather back to the west, down into the mid- 50s. and many folks here in the baltimore area did hit the 50s as well. we're looking at changes to come for the weekend. we're going to get into the more humid air. so it's going to feel a little stickier than it has been over the past few days. not quite the fall-like weather we've been experiencing. 80 degrees from baltimore. 77 in easton. 79 in york. very comfortable weather if you are headed out the the game in the next hour you. can you expect just that light wind out there. very comfortable weather. and no rain in the forecast, at least until tomorrow evening. when that cold front comes through. right now, though, clear skies. we'll see a few clouds start to build up this evening.
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and then clear skies later on tonight. that will allow for some radiational cooling, which means some patchy fog is possible. so if you have plans to drive early tomorrow morning or late tonight, you may run into a little bit of reduced visibility on the roadways. over the next 24 hours, we are going to see a change in the weather here. we're going to start to see clouds build up by tomorrow afternoon. so tomorrow morning, looking good so far. no rain to talk about tomorrow morning. that cold front comes in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. so clouds towards the afternoon, and then by about 8:00, 9:00 in the evening, we'll start to see the shower activity pop up. you can expect scattered showers and thunderstorms that will continue through the day on sunday, with a great chance sunday morning, and then a chance once again sunday afternoon behind that cold front. for tonight, down to 63 degrees. partly cloudy skies, and a little bit offing if out there. and then for tomorrow, a warmer day, 85 degrees. that humidity is going to make it feel even warmer than that. showers and thunderstorms by tomorrow night and early sunday morning. so it will be a wet end to the weekend. but we'll dry out once again on
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monday and tuesday. very comfortable weather as high pressure builds this with highs in the low 80s. and then by wednesday, more rain comes into the forecast wednesday and thursday, and dry conditions by late in the week. delia? >> thanks, emily. almost all of us have one stashed away somewhere. an old cell phone, a broken mp3 player, an out of day laptop pushed aside for a newer, sleeker model. did you know those gadgets could mean cold hard cash for you. maggie lake introduces us to a pair of yale students who are aiming to turn a profit by helping mother nature. >> 50, and then 60. >> all right, thanks a lot. >> reporter: handing out cold hard cash on the streets of new york. not a sight many are used to. but the founders of you did just, that paying money. in this case between 100 and $160 in exchange for used iphones outside of apple's flagship new york store. >> we're trying to encourage people to learn about recycling electronics, rather than throwing them in the landfill.
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>> reporter: the premise of the new company is simple. send in your old, outdated consumer gadgets, and depending on their age and condition, these guys will send you cash. the aim is to promote reusage and recycling of old electronics. just over four months old, this eco friendly site was founded by two schoolmates at yale university. the pair admit launching a business in the middle of a recession was scary, but they believe recycling e waste has huge potential. >> i think we've been very lucky in terms of the time that we're in, people actually starting to become more aware of these problems. and at the same time, we're offering a solution that not only makes sense for the environment, but makes sense for our customers. >> this was actually built by our marketing team. >> reporter: in order to get the word out, the young staff rely on creative low budget marketing, a technique they use to grade success at the launch of the latest apple phone. >> costs them from about 6 in the morning to 9:30.
5:53 pm
then the whole team sort of traded through it. everybody in new york i think probably, a thousand people got pictures with this. so this thing is all over facebook and twitter. >> reporter: the front room is where the ideas for renew come together. but this room makes up the nuts and bolts of the business. >> the devices that come in through the door, as you said, we triage. some of the devices do go off in our recycled for their metals value, things of that nature. but we believe that reuse comes before recycling. and many of the devices that we see can be reused. >> reporter: once they get a device, the tech staff clears the data and you renew is able to resale the equipment on the secondary market to wholesalers and refurbishing markets. that's where the profit comes from, or at least that's the plan. you renew says it isn't actually turning a profit once expenses are paid. but these two yale students say they're willing to do whatever it takes to make this a success. >> it strikes me that a lot of people stay in cool school a lot longer because they don't
5:54 pm
want to leave, it's a nice environment you. guys chose to jump into the business world early. why? >> i think in this particular case, we have the idea. we knew there was sort of a window to execute on, and we wanted to jump in headfirst and go after it. but i think we both sort of look at it like we're still at yale, and we're not leaving. >> reporter: not yet. >> not yet. >> reporter: maggie lake, new haven, connecticut. >> if you're curious and you want to turn your old electronics into a little extra green, go to our website, go to the link section on the right-hand of our home page. now we have a look at what is coming up on abc 2 news at 6. the state is dealing with a possible $700 million short fall. what the governor is proposing to help balance the budget. and teaming up for a good cause. what city schools and the orioles are doing to help area students. we'll have those stories and more straight ahead on abc 2 news at 6.
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all right, everybody. get naked! no, really. tomorrow at 3:00, strip down to your birthday suit to help make a world record. nudists across the nation are hoping to get people in their towns to show up to nudist clubs and pools tomorrow at 3 p.m. to bare it all and make several splashes. nudist groups are trying to make into it the guinness book of world records for the biggest skinny dip. so people in phoenix were hanging around this pool, woo, gearing up for tomorrow's swim. >> it's about enjoying nature as nature is intended. the way you came out, you know, no clothes on, nothing but the sun and the wind kissing your skin. >> so liberating. of course, you can be a part of
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that world record, if you're brave, and if you're into the whole nudist thing. a maryland nudist group is meeting in mount washington to make their big splash. be there or be square. tomorrow they say all are welcome. >> we'll see. except me, maybe. some area establishments are offering deals. what you can get for free on abc 2 news at 6, which starts right now. >> now abc 2 news at 6. >> it is worse than expected. the state budget is in bad shape. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. governor o'malley says he will have to make drastic cuts to balance a possible $700 million shortfall. as abc 2 news linda so reports, nothing is off the table. >> reporter: only ten days into the current fiscal year, and maryland is already facing a huge problem. >> it is a daunting and huge challenge to have


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